Community Use of Parkway Facilities

  • Parkway Schools welcome the use of its buildings and grounds by community organizations when it does not conflict with the District's mission of educating students. School related agendas and Community Education classes are top priority when scheduling Parkway Facilities.  Parkway’s goal is to have school schedules set by September 1st of each school year. However, be aware that school events could change for a variety of reasons. The school district is responsive to all patrons and will do its best to accommodate your needs.  Applications will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis and school-sponsored activities will have priority over non-school activities. Usage fees to offset costs may apply, depending upon the type of event and purpose/activities of the organization (Please Note:  While most of our facility rental fees have remained the same, there have been some changes). Non-district administered groups using the facilities are responsible for the cost of their use - so the expenses are not passed on to the Parkway taxpayers and the community at large. 

    Details on registration are coming soon. 

    • Apply online using the Calendar link above. Select the “Community Use Portal." Go to “Welcome Guest” and create your account here.
    • Upon approval, an application for Use of School Premises must be submitted to the building manager of the school prior to the scheduled event. 
    • Applications will be reviewed and subject to approval based on criteria as outlined in Board Policy KF, Use of Premises Guidelines, which includes:
      • Applicants must provide proof of liability insurance
      • availability of facility and personnel;
      • amount and type of space needed;
      • priority and nature of the activity; and
      • applicants will be notified about the status of their request via email. Please bring a copy of your approval with you at the time of your event.  Note: Rental charges may apply.

    Rental Charges

    Facility usage fees are based on the type of group, the facility requested, and time of usage. Minimum charges for facilities, personnel and equipment may apply (Please Note: While most of our facility rental fees have remained the same, there have been some fee increases for Category III.  Please see Use of Premise Rates below).  Invoices will be mailed/emailed to the organization’s contact as identified on the Use of School Premise application and must be paid within 30 days of receipt.  Failure to pay the invoice may result in denial of future usage requests and/or the need for other collection methods.

    View the district’s Use of Premise Rates. For additional questions on usage fees or invoices, please call The Facility Usage Office 314-415-8111.

    Custodial Fees

    Custodians may be assigned to an event and fees charged depending upon the date and time of facility use and the number in attendance.  A minimum of four hours for any event not held on a scheduled school day will be charged.  Custodial time is scheduled from 30 minutes prior to the start of the event until at least 30 minutes after its conclusion.  Additional custodial charges may be required for extra cleanup, setup, or labor associated with the type of event being held.

    Kitchen Use

    The use of the school kitchen and/or kitchen equipment must be requested directly from the school and approved by the district’s food service department.  Charges may apply for use of the kitchen equipment and/or to have a food service staff member present for the event.

    Equipment and Other Personnel

    Equipment requested, such as audio visual aids, may be available at the discretion of the building administrator and could require an additional hourly charge.  Supervisory personnel and lifeguards required for pool usage, as well as security staff if needed, will also be billed at an hourly rate.


    Failure to notify the district about cancellation of a meeting or event in advance shall obligate the applicant to pay any expenses incurred in opening the building for use.

    Parkway reserves the right to cancel a reservation if it has reason to believe the facility use will conflict with or is needed for school activities.  Parkway also reserves the right to change reservations to other rooms with the understanding that, if possible, comparable facilities will be provided.  Parkway also reserves the right to cancel an event if the organization fails to follow district guidelines.


    If the school or district is closed for the day or closes early due to inclement weather, all district facilities and fields will be closed to outside groups and activities.  It is the responsibility of the group to confirm facility or field status prior to usage.  If a facility is closed due to inclement weather, the user group will not be charged.

    School Breaks and Holidays

    At the discretion of the School Principal, facilities may be used during spring, summer, and winter breaks pending custodial availability or coverage by district personnel.  Facilities will not be rented on scheduled district holidays which include New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.

    Promotional Materials

    Outside organizations will be required to include a disclaimer on any information or promotional materials related to their use of district facilities that Parkway School District is not affiliated with nor a sponsor of the event as described on the Use of School Premise application.

    General Guidelines

    It is expected that all facilities will be treated with respect and care.  As outlined in the Application for Use of School Premise form, the district is not responsible for any injury, loss of life or property arising from the misuse of school property by the applicant.  Users of Parkway facilities agree to abide by the following general guidelines for use.

    1. A responsible adult will be present and in charge of a student group at all times.  The designated adult must arrive with or before the students, is responsible for the behavior of the group during the scheduled event, and must remain with the group until the last participant leaves.
    2. Groups should bring a copy of their Usage Agreement or Field Permit for Non-School Use of Facilities to all events.  This will serve as proof of rental and identification for the custodian, security or other district staff and must be produced upon request.
    3. Groups will remain in the approved areas only and will not venture into any other areas.
    4. Event start and end times will be strictly observed, or overtime charges will be assessed at a minimum of one hour or actual time, whichever is greater.
    5. Rental areas shall be left in the same or better condition as upon arrival.  Trash will be cleaned up, tables washed and dried as needed, and furniture and other items returned to their original place.
    6. Groups will provide their own supplies.  There will be no use of any school materials.
    7. Food and drink are allowed in tiled areas only.  No food or drink of any kind are allowed on carpeted areas, in the gyms or in the theaters.
    8. The use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and smokeless tobacco products are strictly prohibited in Parkway School District buildings, campuses and grounds.
    9. The applicant and respective organization are responsible for use of the premises, conduct of the attendees, and for any theft, loss or damage to school property.