Closing & Emergencies

  • Parkway Connect is our automated communications system for general information, announcements, school closings, snow days and emergency messages. You can set your own delivery preferences for school and district messages inside the Parkway mobile app.

    How do I download the Parkway Schools mobile app?

    Download the Parkway Schools mobile app on Apple App Store here.

    Download the Parkway Schools mobile app on Google Play here.

    How do I update my contact information? Login to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal here.

    How to set my preferences for how I want to be contacted?

    Don’t want all of your phones to ring at once on a snow day? Tell us how you want to be contacted!

    Login to the Parkway mobile app, click your name/photo and then click "Edit Delivery Preferences." Under "Other" choose the phone number or numbers you want us to call (on snow days for example), where you would like to receive a text and/or email. You can also turn all or some of them off. You can also choose preferences for other emergencies under "Emergency." The preferences you choose here will apply to all district messages and also messages from your school/building.

    Other Sources for School Closings and Emergencies

    School closing information is also provided to all local  TV and radio media outlets who report closings.

    Closings will also be announced on Parkway’s website at Closings are also posted on Parkway’s mobile app, as well as our FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

    Child Care During Closings:

    If Parkway is closed for a snow day, Adventure Club will not be open. If Parkway is on a snow schedule (2-hour delayed start) due to severe weather, Adventure Club will not provide child care before school. After school care will be open.