• Learning Options

    Based on feedback from families and staff, our Return to School Plans are focused on providing two learning schedule options for families this year and three plans that could be used if needed. We have outlined these plans and your options here. It’s important to know during the upcoming school year we may need to activate some or all of these plans depending on the spread of illness in our community.

    Families will have two options for enrollment in the 2020-21 school year when we are able to hold classes in-person.

    • Option 1: An in-person schedule using the plans below 
    • Option 2: A full-time virtual learning schedule in Parkway Virtual Campus

    Families who choose Option 1 will follow Parkway’s In-Person Learning Plan.

    Plan A: Full In-Person Schedule

    • Plan A is used when there is minimal community spread of illness.
    • Students attend school in-person five days per week with a full schedule of classes.
    • Additional health precautions and moderate social distancing is implemented.
    • Students and staff will wear cloth masks at school according to current CDC guidance.

    Plan B: Blended Learning Schedule

    • Plan B is used when there is a moderate community spread of illness and more social distancing is required. Student attendance is limited to 50 percent of students attending each day in order to allow for social distancing. For example, a blended schedule could allow for 10-12 students in an individual classroom space each day instead of 20-24.
    • Students attend school in-person two days per week on a part-time schedule. Students are placed into two groups to allow for social distancing with 50 percent of students attending each day. Groups are determined based on enrollment at the school, keeping families together on the same schedules and course and classroom enrollment in order to group students evenly by 50 percent.
    • On Monday, all students attend school online together with live instruction from teachers. Then, Group A attends school in-person on Tuesday/Thursday and Group B attends school in-person on Wednesday/Friday. On the other two days when students are not in-person, they are online learning more independently. By alternating every other day, the goal is for students to have more frequent face-to-face instruction with teachers and avoid long breaks before they see their teacher(s) in-person again.
    • Additional health precautions and social distancing are implemented.
    • Students and staff will wear cloth masks at school according to current CDC guidance. 
    • View Plan B in detail here.

    Benefits of the Blended Learning Schedule

    • Student and staff exposure limited to 50 percent of students attending each day.
    • Families are kept together on the same schedules across all grade levels. Parents will be notified as soon as possible which group their child(ren) will be assigned to if Plan B is needed.
    • Monday used to outline learning plans for the week and deep clean our schools. Monday was chosen as a virtual day with teachers based on feedback from parents and students indicating a need for students to have an outline of their schedule and assignments on Mondays so they can plan and prepare. 

    Plan C: Distance Learning

    • Plan C would be used in the event of a substantial spread of illness in an individual school(s) and/or our community using local and state guidelines and/or stay-at-home orders. 
    • District and/or school is closed and students learn online at home.
    • In the event of a district closure, all students participate in Distance Learning and follow the Parkway Virtual Campus schedule.

    Curriculum goals, grading and student expectations will remain the same regardless of which option families choose or which plan Parkway implements. Grading and expectations in the event of a school or district closure will return to a traditional grading system unlike the emergency closure in the spring of 2020.

    See our comprehensive Return to School plans and your options here.

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