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    Parkway Schools Community Health Dashboard

  • Number of New Cases - St. Louis County

    A seven-day moving average of new daily cases per 100,000 is used to account for daily fluctuations that may occur in the data, such as fewer cases being reported on weekends. The intent is to give a more representative view of the ongoing COVID-19 new case rate trends.


    • Red: 25+ cases per 100,000
    • Orange: 10-24 cases per 100,000
    • Yellow: 1-9 cases per 100,000
    • Green: Less than 1 case per 100,000

  • Transmission Rate - St. Louis County

    Viral transmission represents the average number of people that one person with COVID-19 is likely to infect. The risk is less when community transmission rates are low.

    Threshold Target:
    The target is 1.0 or less. Above 1.0 means increasing the spread and under 1.0 means reducing the spread of the virus.

  • Test Positivity Rate - St. Louis County

    The percent positive is exactly what it sounds like: the percentage of all coronavirus tests performed that are positive. When the test positivity rate is low, it is an indication that there is sufficient testing happening to help curtail the spread of the virus in the community. If the positivity rate is too high, that may indicate that the community is only testing the sickest individuals. 


    • Red: more than 10 percent positive tests
    • Yellow: less than 10 percent and more than five percent positive tests
    • Green: less than five percent positive tests

  • What Can I Do to Help
    We must all do our part to improve the health of our community. Wear a face covering, maintain social distancing protocols, avoid large gatherings of people, stay at home when you're not feeling well, and wash your hands frequently. By following these simple health guidelines, you will be helping your family and our Parkway school community. Find out more preventative measures from the Centers for Disease Control.

    Health and Safety Precautions for 2020-21 are listed below: Our plans for the 21-22 school year will be updated the week of August 2.

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