• Tutor Connection

    TutorConnection is a Parkway program that helps connect certified teachers and other professionals with parents who are looking for private, fee-based tutoring lessons for their children. The focus is to improve students’ knowledge and skill-based performance of the district’s curricular concepts.

    The district created TutorConnection to benefit teachers and families. Teachers participating in TutorConnection will:

    1. Have their tutoring availability promoted to parents by the district through Parkway-Rockwood Community Ed
    2. Be insured under the district’s liability insurance policy; and
    3. Have the convenience of using school facilities at no cost for their private tutoring.

    NEW THIS YEAR - TutorConnection will be offered in both an in-person and online setting.  Tutors will be able to indicate their availability (in-person and/or online) when registering for the program.  The online format will utilize the Zoom platform.

    Families will be able to select and pay for their chosen tutor through Parkway-Rockwood Community Ed’s quick and easy online registration and payment system.

    Who Administers TutorConnection?

    Parkway-Rockwood Community Ed will work directly with tutors, parents and schools to manage the program.

    Who Can Sign Up As a Tutor?

    Teachers, classroom assistants and other certified staff may sign up to be a tutor for any of the district approved curricular concepts, including academic, music and physical education (some limitations may apply depending on the subject area). Individuals must hold current certification for the grade level(s) and subject area(s) in which they are applying to tutor.

    Guidelines and Procedures

    • Tutoring can take place throughout the year, as long as it is not during the school day or contracted work time. In-person tutoring must only take place within a school building/facility during the hours in which a custodian is on duty.
    • Teachers may sign up to be a tutor for any of the district approved curricular concepts including academic, music, physical education, and driver education (some limitations may apply depending on the subject area). Teachers must hold current certification for the grade level(s) and subject area(s) in which they are applying to tutor.
    • Per Parkway Board Policy GCRD.BP, a teacher may not tutor for pay a student currently enrolled in his/her class unless the student is enrolled in Parkway’s TutorConnection program and the superintendent/designee has determined that the student’s teacher is the only qualified tutor available and waives this restriction.  View Parkway’s policy regarding tutoring for pay.
    • In-Person Academic Tutoring should take place in a public space in the building, such as the library, cafeteria or commons area. If public space is not an option, the tutor must work with building administration to identify and secure and alternative space. A classroom may be used if it is the only option, and the door must remain open at all times.
    • In-Person Private music tutoring may take place in a music classroom or practice room in the school, but the tutor and student must be visible from outside of the classroom/practice room at all times.
    • In-Person Physical Education tutoring should be delivered in the appropriate physical activity setting that best relates to the standards being addressed within the school and may not exceed a 3:1 student-to-teacher ratio. If a classroom or indoor space other than a gym or pool is needed for instruction, the door must remain open at all times.D
    • Driver Education tutoring associated with the classroom instruction portion of Driver Education is offered through TutorConnection. If you are interested in providing behind-the-wheel tutoring, please contact info@prcommunityed.org or 636-891-6644 as the drive time portion is not part of the TutorConnection program.
    • In-Person Summer TutorConnection – during the summer, all tutoring should take place in the school library. If the library is not an option due to the nature of the subject or for other reasons, please contact Community Ed at 636-891-6644 to identify an alternate location in the building.

    How will payment and scheduling be handled?

    Parkway-Rockwood Community Ed will collect payment of fees from parents, which are set at $49.50 per hour, with a minimum two-hour purchase required. A reduced fee for small group tutoring may be available in approved subject areas. The Community Ed office will contact you if/when you are matched with a tutoring request. At that time, you will then be connected with the patron requesting your tutoring services and you will work with them to set the final tutoring times most convenient for your schedules. If you note on your tutoring availability form that you are requesting to only be assigned to specific students, the Community Ed office will contact you upon receipt of your availability form to finalize details. For in-person tutoring, tutors will need to provide a complete schedule of tutoring dates/times to the building’s administration prior to the start of tutoring. It is understood that schedules may change, so tutors need to keep the building administration informed of any changes. 

    Tutors will be paid at the rate of $36 per hour. The tutor pay rate will remain $36 per hour for one-on-one or small group tutoring. In addition, the district will contribute its portion of retirement benefits for the tutor ($5.74 per hour), for a total compensation of $41.74 per hour. The remaining fee collected from parents will go to offset costs associated with staff required to administer the program for the district, as well as other administrative costs including online payment transaction fees, promotional costs, supplies and limited scholarship assistance for those who qualify.

    Tutors will submit their completed tutoring hours to Community Ed, who will submit the information to payroll. Payroll will be submitted via the regular district pay schedule for both semi-monthly and bi-weekly employees. If a tutor forgets to submit completed tutoring time for a period where payment has already been processed, that tutoring time will be paid with the subsequent pay period. For payroll and tracking purposes, tutoring sessions must be in any combination of 15 minute increments (i.e. 30, 45, 60). 

    Interested in being part of TutorConnection?

    Complete a TutorConnection availability form. This information will be used to complete the necessary hiring paperwork and accurately list your availability as a tutor to families. For more information about TutorConnection, contact Parkway-Rockwood Community Ed at info@prcommunityed.org or 636-891-6644.