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Parkway selects Teachers of the Year

1/5/2023 -- Parkway has selected the building Teachers of the Year. The educators were selected by their peers. The selection committee will now select one elementary, middle school, high school and district teacher of the year.

All Teachers of the Year will be honored at the March 15 board of education meeting and at Appreciation Evening on April 24.

Elementary & Early Childhood
Kim Hahn, 5th Grade

Ashley Jelovic, 4th Grade

Carman Trails
Donna Volk, EL Newcomer Teacher

Madalyn Bush, 1st Grade

Brook Proske, 1st Grade

Early Childhood
Jennifer Cole, Preschool

Green Trails
Erin Wolf, 5th Grade

Hanna Woods
Carolyn Gildehaus, 3rd Grade

Linda Howard, EL Specialist

Highcroft Ridge
Cathy Galanti, 3rd Grade

Mason Ridge
Anna Friedman, Kindergarten

McKelvey Intermediate
Madysen Wilton, 2nd Grade

McKelvey Primary
Alicia Roth, Counselor

Oak Brook
Emily Bernstein, 2nd Grade

Vericia Pearson, 2nd Grade

River Bend
Greg Waller, 3rd Grade

Julie Roy, 3rd Grade

Shenandoah Valley
Ben Ryan, Counselor

Sorrento Springs
Tanya Tinerella, 3rd Grade

Wren Hollow
Zora Shields, 1st Grade

Middle Schools
Central Middle
Jeffrey Stephenson, Social Studies

Northeast Middle
Tony Chiodini, Science

South Middle
Bev Leimkuehler, Special Educator

Southwest Middle
Jo Ann Milles, Instructional Coach

West Middle
Eric Glasson, Industrial Technology

High Schools
Central High
Sarah Reeves, Math

Fern Ridge
Mark Reeder, PE/Health

North High
Matt Alonzo, Math

South High
Anne Erehart, Math

West High
Lauren Reusch, Librarian