How do I get food?

  • Click here to sign up for a box in the 2022-2023 school year

    Upcoming Distribution dates:

    Fall 2022 dates and time:

    • Tuesday, September 20th 12-2pm & 4-5:30
    • Tuesday, October 18th 12-2pm & 4-5:30
    • Tuesday November 15th 12-2pm & 4-5:30
    • Tuesday December 13th 12-2pm & 4-5:30

    Spring 2023 dates and time:

    • Tuesday, January 17th 12-2pm & 4-5:30
    • Tuesday, February 21st 12-2pm & 4-5:30
    • Tuesday, March 14th 12-2pm & 4-5:30
    • Tuesday, April 18th 12-2pm & 4-5:30
    • Tuesday, May 23rd 12-2pm & 4-5:30

    A few things to remember when you request food:

    Please be as specific as you can about food allergies or special diets. For example, "No Peanuts" boxes may include tree nut products. You need to specify "No Peanuts and No Tree nuts" if you do not want any sort of nut product in your box.  

    • Similarly, "No Pork" boxes will include no pork products (no gelatin, no animal enzymes, etc.) but they will include other non-pork animal products unless you specify that you do not want them.

    • Please double-check your box to make sure your box does not include anything you can't eat.  We take great care in preparing boxes but human error is possible.

    Our services are focused on Parkway students/families and staff. If you are in need of food but are not part of Parkway, please click here to find a food bank near you.

    How often do I need to sign up for a box? In the 2022-2023 school year you will only need to sign up once.