• Covid relief and esser funding through FY 2024

    Covid relief and esser funding through FY 2024 chart

    Parkway Schools received a one-time allocation of COVID relief money from the American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ARP ESSER) funds. To receive funds allocated under the ARP, school districts must publish information on their website that addresses mitigation and prevention strategies, continuity of services during interruptions to in-person learning, and periodic review and revision of the district’s plan.

    Explanation of categories:

    Summer School: These are for instructional expenditures over the summer to help overcome learning loss

    Staffing: Includes salaries and benefits for 14 Care Coordinates, 1 Care and Counseling Screener, 1 Instructional Coach, and .5 ESOL teacher

    Virtual Instruction: Includes salaries and benefits for virtual teachers and software used exclusively for virtual instruction

    Building Subs: These subs help to staff buildings during absences. In the 21-22 school year this was paid by ESSER II.

    Air Quality Improvements: This category is primarily for approximately $1.5 million for bi-polar ionization and the rest are for air filters

    Water Bottle Fillers: Allows students to refill water bottles from drinking fountains

    Technology: This is for software that is used for virtual and in-person learning. A lot of the software is focused on learning loss.