• Did you know Parkway School District has a Food Pantry for our families?


    Here’s how you can help:

     1. Donate Canned Good Items, (donations can be delivered to Esmeralda Felix at Central Middle or to Northeast Middle from 8:30am-2:30pm)

    • Soup/Chili
    • Canned Pasta Sauce
    • Canned Ravioli
    • Canned Veggies
    • Canned Pasta
    • Canned Fruit

     2. Donate Grocery Gift Cards

     3. Volunteer Your Time, (drivers needed to pick up food orders from Northeast Middle and bring them back to Central Area schools)

     4. Host a Fundraiser

     5. Host a Food Drive

     6. Let a friend know that Parkway Food Pantry is here to help 


    For more information, or if you know someone who needs help, contact Esmeralda Felix at: (314) 415-7920 or email at: foodpantryrequest@parkwayschools.net. The Parkway Food Pantry site is: https://www.parkwayschools.net/Page/6935 for additional information.