• General Summer School Information - In-Person High School and Virtual Credit Recovery Courses 

    See below for information on Parkway credit recovery courses, as well as General Summer School Information for 2024.

    Due to staffing constraints, some of our summer credit recovery courses are now being offered virtually.  Any course scheduled in Period 10 is asynchronous virtual, meaning there are no live class meetings.

    Student schedules are subject to change based on teacher availability and number of students requesting each course. If you believe there is an error in your schedule or you can no longer attend summer school, please contact your counselor as soon as possible. 

    On June 7, students will be able to see their course schedules in Infinite Campus.  

    Course Dates/Times

    There will be 3 sessions for in-person Credit Recovery courses.  Students will enroll in one course per session and can take up to three sessions.  Each course will be worth 0.5 credits.  

    Session dates and times are as follows:

    Session 1 - June 10-21 - No School 6/19 - 7:30-11:30 a.m.

    Session 2 - June 24-July 5 - No School 7/4 - 7:30-11:30 a.m.

    Session 3 - July 8-18 - 7:30-11:30 a.m.

    Session 10 (virtual) - June 10-July 12 (asynchronous) 

    Dropping Courses

    Please see below for the following drop dates:


    Course removed from student schedule if they have not attended.

    Student drop will result in an NC (No Credit) on transcript if drop is requested.

    Student drop will result in an F on transcript.

    Session 1

    June 10-12

    June 13-14  

    June 15-June 21  

    Session 2

    June 24-26

    June 27-June 28

    June 29-July 5  

    Session 3

    July 8-10

    July 11-12

    July 13-18   

    In-Person summer courses scheduled in sessions 1, 2, or 3, will take place at Parkway South High School (801 Hanna Road, Manchester, MO 63021).  Students enrolled in virtual courses (Period 10) DO NOT need to report to the physical summer location.

    In-Person Course Attendance Policy

    • Students are expected to attend in-person Summer School courses daily for the duration of the program.  
    • Regular attendance is required for course credit at the high school level.  High school students who miss more than 4 hours of class (equivalent to 1 day) during each session, regardless of whether excused, unexcused, or due to suspension, will be dropped from the class and not earn credit.  Chronic tardiness or missed class time due to behavior issues may also be recorded as an absence.
    • If a student is tardy, the number of minutes the student is late will count toward the allowable 4 hours of class that can be missed.
    • Extenuating circumstances may cause a student to miss more than four hours during summer school.  Doctor appointments, athletic camps or vacations are not considered extenuating circumstances.
    • If a student needs to appeal an absence, the appeal must be submitted via email to Jennifer Holzschuh (jholzschuh@parkwayschools.net).  In such cases, documentation must be provided before any absences may be waived.  No appeals will be allowed after summer school has concluded.  
    • If your child will be absent, please contact the Summer School Office at 314-415-8581.

    Monitoring Student Progress

    Due to the shortened summer terms, students and parents will receive a progress report via email on Days 3 and 6 of their class(s).  Dates for each session are listed below:

    Session 1: June 14 and June 18 

    Session 2: June 27 and July 2 

    Session 3: July 10 and July 16   

    Transportation for In-Person Learners

    All students will enter the school through the South Entrance (Door #2).  All buses will drop off next to this entrance. Students being dropped off and picked up via car will do so from the South Lot (The parking lot next to the 4-way stop sign from Hanna Rd).  

    Transportation information is posted on the Parkway Summer School website

    VST Bus Transportation 

    Parkway students residing in the city of St Louis will receive bus route and time information from the transportation office the week before summer school begins. For further information on VST buses, please call Jessica Akers (314-415-9060).

    Medication and Health Concerns for In-Person Learners

    If your child has health concerns that have not been shared with the nurse or will need medication while at school, please contact our summer school nurse, Samia Das, at sdas2@parkwayschools.net prior to the first day of summer school.  

    Parkway Summer School Discipline Information

    In an effort to maintain safe schools, where teaching and learning are the focus, the following guidelines will be in place at Parkway Summer Schools:  

    • Parkway Board Policy JK.BP, Student Discipline, is the foundation upon which all behavior expectations are designed.  Student misconduct during summer school will result in consequences which may include a Principal or Superintendent suspension.  Depending on a student's attendance during summer school, out of school consequences due to misconduct may result in the loss of the privilege to attend summer school.  In the event of misconduct warranting a Superintendent Suspension, the Summer School site administrator, Assistant Superintendent and the Coordinator of Student Discipline will determine the need for a Discipline Review Committee meeting.  For students with disabilities or suspected disabilities, Parkway Board Policy JKF.BP, Disciplining Students with Disabilities, also may apply.  
    • Parents are encouraged to visit the district website, www.parkwayschools.net to review Policy JK.BP.  If you would like a paper copy, or if you have any questions, please contact us at 314.415.8075.

    Summer School Administrative Team

    Jennifer Holzschuh - Summer Administrative Intern - jholzschuh@parkwayschools.net

    Marvin Byrd - Central High Summer Administrator - mbyrd1@parkwayschools.net 

    Sabrina Cosey-Davis - North High Summer Administrator - scosey-davis@parkwayschools.net

    Jamaal Heavens - West High Summer Administrator - jheavens@parkwayschools.net

    Brionne Smith - South High Summer Administrator - bsmith7@parkwayschools.net

    Jennifer Stanfill - Director of Choice Programs - jstanfill@parkwayschools.net