Documents Requested for Registration

    1. Birth certificate, passport, or other appropriate documentation to verify age. 
    2. Immunization Records
      1. Please check with your doctor to ensure you have all the required immunizations for your student to begin classes. See the links below for the requirements.
        1. Click here for immunizations required for K-12 registration. (haga clic aquí para una traducción al español.)
        2. Click here for immunizations required for preschool registration. (haga clic aquí para una traducción al español.)
    3. Two Proofs of Parent/Guardian's Residency. These documents should contain the parent/guardian's name and address.
      1. Current real estate tax receipt, mortgage statement, deed or lease(signed by the resident and owner) and
      2. One other proof of residency such as: current unpaid utility bill, credit card statement, employer's record of address, bank statement, or governmental acknowledgment of address (i.e., Social Security, voter registration, etc.). The address and date must be visible. 
    4. Parenting Plan/Custody Agreement/Legal Guardianship, if applicable. Please provide a copy from the section of the parenting plan which stipulates the educational address of the student. 
    5. Individual Education Plan and Evaluation (IEP) and/or Section 504 Accommodation Plan (IAP) and Evaluation (if student has a disability)
    6. High School Students--Unofficial Transcript if available.

    If you do not have the requested residency documentation, or you do not rent or own property, please get in touch with Kami Kruger or 314-415-9062.