Documents Requested for Registration

    1. Birth certificate, passport, or other appropriate documentation to verify age. 
    2. Immunization Records
    3. Two Proofs of Parent/Guardian's Residency. These documents should contain the parent/guardian's name and address.
      1. Current real estate tax receipt, mortgage statement, deed or signed lease and
      2. One other proof of residency such as: current unpaid utility bill, credit card statement, employer's record of address, bank statement, or governmental acknowledgment of address (i.e., Social Security, voter registration, etc.).
    4. Custody Papers. If applicable, a copy from the section of the parenting plan which stipulates the educational address of the student. 
    5. Individual Education Plan and Evaluation (IEP) and/or Section 504 Accommodation Plan (IAP) and Evaluation (if student has a disability)
    6. High School Students--Unofficial Transcript if available.

    If you do not have the requested documentation, or you do not rent or own property, please get in touch with Amara Anderson. ( or 314-415-9062)