• How do I sign in to the Parkway Schools Mobile App for Student Info?

    1. Tap the Log in icon inside the Parkway Schools mobile app.
    2. We strongly encourage you to login with Facebook or Google. Your email address with Facebook or Google must match your email address on Infinite Campus. For instructions on changing your email address in Infinite Campus, click here.
    3. If you do not wish to log in with Facebook or Google, login with your Login ID and password. If you do not know your password, tap Forgot password?
    4. Enter your username into the Login ID field and then select Send Email. If you do not know your username, send an email to connect@parkwayschools.net from your email address on file with us and we will send you your Login ID.
    5. An email with your password will be sent to the email account listed.

    After I login, how do I see information for my student?
    After you login, you will then see your student(s) name and a photo. Click your student(s) name or photo to see their information, including grades, attendance, lunch balance, bus stop information and more.

    Will my login ID and password be the same for my Infinite Campus Parent Portal and the Parkway Schools Mobile app?
    Your login ID for Infinite Campus and the Parkway mobile app are separate. We encourage you to login with Facebook or Google to avoid confusion.

    How often is student info updated in the mobile app?
    All data in Infinite Campus is updated in real-time. Information in the Parkway Schools mobile app is updated every night with the exception of attendance and lunch balances, which are updated once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

    Who should I contact if I have a question about Parkway's mobile apps?
    Please feel free to send an email to the Parkway Connect team at connect@parkwayschools.net. If you need assistance with Infinite Campus, email ic-parenthelp@parkwayschools.net