Bus Rules

  • 1.  Be at the bus stop five (5) minutes early.
    2.  Respect the bus driver and listen to instructions.
    3.  Take your seat right away after boarding the bus.
    4.  Stay seated at all times.
    5.  Always get on and off the bus at your bus stop.
    6.  Leave the bus carefully using the handrail.
    7.  Keep your head, arms, legs and hands inside the bus.
    8.  Look both ways before crossing the road.
    9.  Wait for the bus in a safe place away from the road.
    10. Keep away from the bus if you drop or forget something.
    11. No eating or drinking on the school bus.
    12. Do not ride the bus if you feel ill/sick /have a fever.
    13. Specific seats may be assigned by the bus driver.