• Find Your Bus Stop: Please note that stops and times may be adjusted in the first few weeks of school as we finalize the routes and needs of our families. We will notify you of any changes.

    You can access bus stop information using the Traversa website or mobile app. 

    • Login to the Traversa website here for bus stop information. To log in, first, you need to register and set up an account. You will also need your student's ID and birth date. You can also access bus stop information using the Parkway Schools mobile app or the My Ride K-12 mobile app. Search for the My Ride K-12 app in your app store.

    Students in the VICC/VST program and receiving specialized transportation will receive a postcard in the mail with their bus stop information. Call Transportation at 314-415-8415 for questions or additional information.

    Important note for Kindergarten families

    To ensure the safety of our youngest children, kindergarten students will not be dropped off at a bus stop alone without a parent or approved adult present. Kindergarten students can be dropped off with an older sibling riding the same bus unless parents advise us otherwise.

    Students should be at the bus stop a minimum of five minutes before the scheduled stop time.

    Changes to Bus Transportation

    Parents should call transportation at (314) 415-8400 to request a change. Transportation will evaluate the space available. If space is not available, the student(s) will be added to a waitlist. No changes can be made during the first two weeks of school in order to maintain consistency of routes and bus stops for all students.

    For students who are in the VICC program, if parents need to make a change, they can contact Parkway VST directly at 314-415-9059 or 314-415-9060 after 11:30 am. There will be no changes for the first two weeks of school.

    New to Parkway

    If you recently enrolled your child in Parkway, your bus route and bus stop will typically be available within a few business days after registration is complete. For questions about your stop or bus, you can call Transportation at (314) 415-8400.

    We're Hiring

    Parkway is currently looking to hire bus drivers. If you know someone who is interested, they can call 314-415-8401 or here is the link to apply. Thank you for helping our students get to and from school safely!