• Counseling Workshops

    Here are some top reasons to visit your school counselor:

    1. Get help solving conflicts – Sometimes it’s hard to manage conflicts on your own. Your school counselor can help you brainstorm solutions to your conflicts.

    2. Get help with managing your busy schedule – Life can get really hectic between school, work, friends, sports, and other extracurricular activities. Your counselor can give you tools to help you manage your time wisely.

    3. Get help with planning your future – Thinking about your future can sometimes be overwhelming. Your school counselor can guide you to the right path in order to accomplish your goals.

    4. Talk about college and career choices – Once your school counselor gets to know you, they can help you identify colleges and post-secondary training opportunities that would be a good fit for you.

    5. Get help making important decisions – Decisions can be hard to make on your own, your school counselor can give your guidance in making those choices.

    6. You want to do better in school – Some classes are tougher than others, your school counselor can help connect you with a tutor.

    7. You just want to talk to someone who will listen – Many things happen throughout the day, some good, and some bad. Your school counselor is always available to lend you an ear.

    College Planning

    It's never too early to start thinking about colleges! 

    Finding the Best Fit College

    College Series: Resources for Families

    College Planning Websites

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