• NAIA Eligibility

    Every student interested in playing sports at NAIA colleges for the first time needs to register online with the NAIA Eligibility Center and receive an eligible determination. This applies to high school seniors and transfers from both two- and four-year colleges.

    Register with the NAIA Eligibility Center at PlayNAIA.org.

    NAIA Guide for College-Bound Student Athletes

    Send ACT scores to the NAIA using the code for NAIA Eligibility Center: 9876

    New Freshmen GPA Requirements
    • Incoming freshmen seeking fall 2022 eligibility can become NAIA eligible without a test score or class rank beginning May 1, 2022, provided they meet the following minimum GPA (on a 4.0 scale):
      • 2.3 GPA for recent graduates
      • 2.8 GPA for students who have completed their 7th semester
      • 3.3 GPA for students who have completed their junior year
    • Students who do not meet the 2.3 minimum GPA upon graduation may still gain eligibility by meeting these criteria:
      • 2.0 GPA
      • ACT: 18 or SAT: 970

    More information on freshmen student-athlete eligibility can be found HERE.

    NAIA Showcase
    NAIA Showcases are one-day recruiting events where student-athletes display their athletic skills in front of NAIA coaches. They also include opportunities for athletes and parents to connect with NAIA coaches. Visit the NAIA Showcase site to learn more about all of our showcase opportunities.