• Resources for Seniors

    August Class Meeting (8/25/23): Class of 2024 - Graduation & Beyond.  Slides for the presentation are here.
    December Class Meeting (12/15/23): Class of 2024 - December Graduation Meeting. Slides for the presentation are here.

    Below you will find links to Common App tips, as well as handouts to walk you through the steps of requesting transcripts and forms/recommendation letters.

    Top Tips for Common App (*only needed if you are using the Common App to apply to any colleges!)

    Events for parents (and students) are available throughout the fall.  Check out the PCH College Series for details.
    Appointments with Mrs. Prange: Students may schedule individual appointments with Mrs. Prange using her online scheduling system.  Email her for the link or stop by Counseling to scan her QR code.  (Sorry it isn't available here - - when previously available on the website, students from other schools/districts were using it to schedule virtual appointments!)
    Fee Waivers: If you have financial barriers and will need assistance with application fee waivers, those are available for students who qualify for meal benefits.  To see if you are eligible, fill out the application for this school year here.
    College Visits/Fairs: (1) If you are going to miss school for a campus visit, please inform your grade level office of your absence.  The absence is coded as "CV" (College Visit) and is excused, but you are still responsible for the missed work.  (2) Lots of college admission representatives visit PCH - - sign up in Naviance to connect with them while they are in the building!  (3) If you would benefit from attending a college fair, there are several great opportunities this fall.  More details are listed on the PCH College Series page.

    **Top Things to Conquer Over Summer**:
    Don't Miss It: College Application Work Week (Aug 7-11)
    Time slots are available the week of August 7th for students in the class of 2024 to join Mrs. Prange in the PCH Counseling Classroom to simply work on applications while she is there to offer support and answer questions.  For more details check your emails from Mrs. Prange.
    1. Narrow down/finalize your list of colleges or alternative plan options.
         **Check out the Finding the Best Fit College page and the Exploring Alternative Paths section of the Junior Class page on the PCH Counseling website to help.
    2. Add your colleges to your Naviance account.
        **Remember to choose the “Continue with Clever” option so you can launch with your Parkway Google account.
    3. Fill out the "Authorization to Release Records" form.
         **This must be completed before you can begin requesting that we send transcripts to colleges/institutions in August when we return to school.
    4. Create your FSA ID (a parent needs one too).
         **This will be your username/password for the FAFSA (financial aid application).  You can make your FSA ID now, but don't actually start your FAFSA yet (it doesn't open for the Class of 2024 until December).
    5. Find out if you will have to write any essays, and if so, get started.
         **If you need assistance, there are many resources available.  Check out these free options: Mentors4College and College Essay Guy.
    6. Find out if you will need any forms/recommendation letters, and determine who will prepare them.
         **We request that you give teachers and/or counselors at least 2-3 weeks' notice for writing recommendation letters.  Asking them in August is sufficient, and that is when we will also learn how to "invite" them in Naviance.  You should have thoughtful conversations with your letter writers and clearly communicate your deadlines.  They might also request a copy of your resume or ask that you fill out a survey or form for additional information.
    7. Sign up for the A+ Scholarship Program
         **If you haven't yet done so, consider enrolling in the A+ Scholarship Program.  The sooner you sign up, the more time you have to complete the program requirements.  The scholarship provides the possibility of earning 2 years of tuition at a community college and/or free summer school at the community college before you head off to your final college destination.

    Finding the Best Fit College
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    Mentors 4 College

    "The Search" - a 2 season podcast on navigating college admissions (by Dartmouth’s Dean of Admission and Financial Aid)

    Preparing for the College Admissions Process
    Guide to the Common Application

    An explanation of "Holistic Review" (by Johns Hopkins)

    Need Essay Help?  Check out these sites:
     * Free Essay Editing Services
     * Free 4-Day Essay Writing Course
     * College Essay Guy - Resource Hub

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