• The district will not be offering the October administration of the PSAT, but College Board is offering a January test option for this year and that is what Parkway plans to pursue. The January administration provides all of the same opportunities as the October date, including qualification to National Merit.  In an effort to reduce the number of test takers, sophomores will not be allowed to test.  Mrs. Prange will share free test booklets to interested sophomores to practice this experience on their own.



    Essential Facts

    WHO SHOULD TEST?                                    

    This test is optional - - you must sign up and pay in order to take the PSAT/NMSQT! Students with strong English and math coursework are typically most successful.


    1. This is THE qualifying test to become a National Merit This honor is designated for juniors who score in the top .05% in Missouri.
    2. Many corporate organizations sponsor scholarships for children of their employees.
    3. High scoring minority students may be eligible for special recognition and scholarships.
    4. The test serves as practice for students who would like to prepare for the SAT.


    MAKE UP OF PSAT:                3 sections:

                                                                Reading (60 min – 47 questions)

                                                                Writing & Language (35 min – 44 questions)

                                                                Math (70 min – 48 questions)


    TEST DATE:         Tuesday, January 26, 2020


    TIME:                                      Approx 8am-Noon


    TEST LOCATION:                    Parkway Central


    COST:                                      $20.00


    WHERE TO REGISTER:           Register using the Google form Mrs. Prange sent to juniors via email.


    REGISTRATION DEADLINE:   Friday, December 4, 2020


    HOW TO PREPARE:                 PSAT Student Guide (released after registration) and Khan Academy

    WHAT TO BRING:                   Non-mechanical, sharpened #2 pencils w/erasers
                                                  Extra batteries for your calculator
                                                  Wear comfortable clothing.  Dress in layers!
                                                  Facial covering (mask)


    WHAT NOT TO BRING:          Absolutely NO book bags, purses, cell phones, smartwatches/fitness bands, food or drink