• PSAT Email to Families - includes registration information! 

    August 11th– PSAT registration opens (in Parent Portal of Infinite Campus)
    August 21st – IEP/504 accommodation requests sent to Mrs. Prange via email by 8 am
    September 1st – Test registration deadline
    September 27 - Attend a mandatory "Digital Readiness Check" in the PCH Theater during Ac Lab
    October 10th – Test date @ PCH (Click here for details for Standard Time testing; click here for Accommodations testing)


    This test is optional - - you must sign up and pay in order to take the PSAT/NMSQT! Sophomores and Juniors with strong English and math coursework (at least through Geometry) are typically most successful. 

    **The PSAT is not a college admissions exam.


    1. This is THE qualifying test to become a National Merit. This honor is designated for juniors who score in the top .05% in Missouri.
    2. Many corporate organizations sponsor scholarships for children of their employees.
    3. High scoring minority students may be eligible for special recognition and scholarships.
    4. A sophomore PSAT score will be one of the criteria used when making selections for Missouri Scholars Academy.
    5. The test serves as practice for students who would like to prepare for the SAT.


    Reading and Writing - 64 minutes; 54 questions
    Math - 70 minutes; 44 questions


    Tuesday, October 10, 2023


    Approx 7:30am-10:30am                                             


    Parkway Central




    Interested juniors and sophomores should register in the Parent Portal of Infinite Campus.  See email from Mrs. Prange on August 11th for details.


    Friday, September 1, 2023 at 2 pm


    Preparing for the PSAT/NMSQT
    PSAT Student Guide,
    Kaplan PSAT Prep, and Khan Academy


    • Your fully charged device. You must have the app installed and exam setup complete before test day if you're testing with a personal device.
    • A power cord and/or a portable charger. We cannot guarantee you’ll have access to an outlet during testing. Your device should be able to hold a charge for 3–4 hours.
    • A pencil or pen.
    • Scratch paper will be provided—do not bring your own.
    • An approved calculator. There’s a graphing calculator built into the app, but you can bring your own if you like.
    • An external mouse if you use one.
    • A drink or snacks (for your break).


    Book bags, purses, cell phones, smartwatches/fitness bands are not permitted in the testing rooms.

    October 2022 PSAT Results - Available Starting December 5

    Your October 2022 PSAT scores will be available for you to access at http://studentscores.collegeboard.org beginning Monday, December 5.  If you do not already have an account from a previous PSAT, SAT or AP course, you will need to create a College Board account by clicking “Create Account” on the login page.  Please review this quick, 2:35 min video which explains how to access and understand your score report.
    In addition to being SAT practice, this was also the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test for juniors.  The NMSC Selection Index is what will be used to determine your eligibility in the National Merit Scholarship Competition.  If you score in the top 3-4% of all juniors who tested, you will be notified in April that you will receive some type of recognition from National Merit.  If you are in the top 1% in Missouri, you will be named a National Merit Semifinalist in September.  Because the cut-off scores are determined by how all test-takers perform in that specific year, the Selection Index requirement varies slightly from year-to-year. As a reference point only, the cut-off for Commended status for the current 2023 seniors was 207.  The top 1% of Missouri, who earned National Merit Semifinalist status, for the 2023 seniors was 213. Again, we will not know the cut-off Selection Index requirement for the 2024 seniors until September 2023!

    Once scores have been released, you are also allowed to come to Counseling to pick up your test booklet.  This is a valuable tool to then prepare for future exams, as you then have access to the test question, your answer, and the correct answer for each item.