Essential Facts

    WHO SHOULD TEST?                                    

    This test is optional - - you must sign up and pay in the school store!  Any interested juniors or sophomores may take this test, but students often perform best when they have been successful in rigorous math and English coursework.  Completion of a full year of Geometry prior to testing is strongly encouraged.



    For juniors:

    1. This is THE qualifying test to become a National Merit This honor is designated for juniors who score in the top .05% in Missouri.
    2. Many corporate organizations sponsor scholarships for children of their employees.
    3. High scoring minority students may be eligible for special recognition and scholarships.
    4. The test serves as practice for students who would like to prepare for the SAT.

     For sophomores:

    1. Sophomores are testing for practice only, but will gain exposure to the test a year prior to testing for National Merit eligibility.
    2. Please note: You will be most successful on this test if you have already completed a full year of Geometry.


    MAKE UP OF PSAT:                3 sections:

                                                                Reading (60 min – 47 questions)

                                                                Writing & Language (35 min – 44 questions)

                                                                Math (70 min – 48 questions)


    TEST DATE:                            Wednesday, October 16, 2019


    TIME:                                      Blocks 1-6 (C Day) – dismiss to 2nd lunch at 12:13


    TEST LOCATION:                    Parkway Central classrooms (room assignments will be posted in Counseling)


    COST:                                      $20.00


    WHERE TO REGISTER:           PCH School Store

                                                    Pick up Student Guide with Practice Test when registering


    WHEN TO REGISTER:             Monday, September 9th thru Friday, September 20th


    WHAT TO BRING:                   Non-mechanical, sharpened #2 pencils w/erasers


                                                  Extra batteries for your calculator

                                                  Wear comfortable clothing.  Dress in layers!


    WHAT NOT TO BRING:          Absolutely NO book bags, purses, cell phones, food or drink