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AP (Advanced Placement)

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     AP Update

    2020-21 Important Dates: 

    • November 6  - Registration deadline for Semester 1(Quarter 1 or Quarter 2) AP exams
    • January 15 -  Deadline to submit requests for testing accommodations for any AP exams (For students with existing testing accommodations at school)
    • FEBRUARY 26  - Payment deadline for all AP exams (Payment is made through Infinite Campus or Check mailed to the PCH school store)
    • February 26 - Registration deadline for AP Human Geography and Comparative Politics ONLY

    2021 EXAM DATES: 2021 AP Exam Dates

    If you do not want to take an AP exam for which you have joined the course section, you must complete this form: AP Cancellation Form

    Registration for AP Exams is done through students MY AP Student Account - Sign In for AP Student Account

    AP Teachers have the JOIN CODE for each class section - please email your AP teacher for your join code if you have not already done so. All students need to join the class section for any AP classes they are taking and will indicate whehter they are taking the AP Exam for that course or not through each specific class. Click here for a video on how to input a join code in your AP Student account: AP Student Account Tutorial


    • Each exam is $95
    • Payment will be made ONLINE through Infinite Campus 
    • Payment deadline is FEBRUARY 26th
    • If your family qualifies for Free/Reduced lunch and you plan on registering for any AP Exams, please contact Mrs. Greenwood at pgreenwood@parkwayschools.net to discuss College Board fee reductions

    Should I take an AP Exam?

    This is a decision that may be easy or may require some individual research.  If you or your student knows where they might be applying or attending college, you can search using the link below to see what AP Exam score you would need to earn in order to receive credit, what kind of credit you would receive at a particular school, etc.  You do not have to share your AP scores with colleges, but you can potentially earn college credit if you achieve the score that they are looking for: 

    AP Credit Policy - Search by College