• What Should You Be Doing?

    1. Are you preparing for the ACT for next year?
      1. Testive (look under Links)
      2. Diagnostic tests, lessons/quizzes, and full length tests
      3. FREE!
    2. Do you have a chosen career path?
      1. Career Interest Profiler (careers tab)
      2. Check out the Occupational Outlook Handbook
      3. Roadtrip Nation!
    3. What have you done at PCHS or in your community that colleges might want to know about?
      1. Resume (about me)
      2. Add entries to your resume
      3. Useful when completing applications and for providing information to your letter writers.
    4. Do you have a dream college in mind?
      • College Research (colleges)
        1. Select “college maps” and then “Top 20 most popular colleges where our students applied”
        2. Pick one school, click on the star and the select “Learn More”
        3. Check out “How You Compare”
        4. Review tabs: General Info, Admissions, Financial Aid, Majors and Degrees, Student Life
        5. Review links: Visit Website, Overlaps, Graph

    **Use “advanced college search” and/or “SuperMatch college search”.  Add to “Colleges I’m Thinking About”

      •  My Colleges (colleges)
        1. Select “colleges I’m thinking about” and then “+ add colleges to this list”
        2. Use the lookup tool to search for a college to add to your list

    Helpful Materials


    Helpful College Planning Websites

    College Series: Resources for Families (09.05.19) 

    Sophomore Counselor Workshop - October & January

    Mentors 4 College