The October PSAT scores will become available for you to access on Tuesday, December 10 at http://studentscores.collegeboard.org. If you have not already done so, you will need to create a College Board account by clicking “Sign up” on the login page.  If you have an account and don’t see your scores, this might mean you need to update your information. Click “Matching Tool” on the Dashboard page and then click “Update” and correct your information.  If you still don’t see your scores, you can click on “Get My Scores” in the Update Tool and enter the access code which you should receive via email (sent to the email address you provided on your PSAT answer document) from College Board. Please see detailed instructions, including a video demonstration here GETTING PSAT/NMSQT SCORES, and reach out to Mrs. Prange for assistance if you are still unable to figure things out.

    For sophomores - just a reminder that your test was for practice only.  You should come by the Counseling office to pick up your test booklet and use it to review the questions and answers if you would like to prepare for taking the test again next October.  You may also do additional preparation using the free SAT prep on either the Khan Academy or Testive websites.

    For juniors – in addition to being SAT practice, this was also your National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.  The Selection Index Score is what will be used to determine your eligibility in the National Merit Scholarship Competition.  If you score in the top 3-4% of all juniors who tested, you will be notified in April that you will receive some type of recognition from National Merit.  If you are in the top 1% in Missouri, you will be named a National Merit Semifinalist in September.  Because the cut-off scores are determined by how all test-takers perform in that specific year, the Selection Index requirement varies slightly from year-to-year. As a reference point only, the cut-off for Commended status for the current 2020 seniors was 213.  The top 1% of Missouri, who earned National Merit Semifinalist status, for the 2020 seniors was 217. Again, we will not know the cut-off Selection Index requirement for the 2021 seniors until September 2020!  Juniors may also come by the Counseling office to pick up your test booklet.

    Here is a documents which will hopefully help with interpreting your results: Understanding PSAT Score Reports