• Thank you Prop S passed

Prop S was approved November 8, 2022

  • Thank you to the hundreds of residents who spent time planning and prioritizing the list of school projects that Prop S will fund. Thank you to the thousands of voters that made it possible. Results show that voters approved Prop S with over 75% of the vote. Work will start next summer.

    How was the proposal and list of projects developed?

    Over the past year, several hundred Parkway residents have participated in a series of community meetings to discuss the ongoing maintenance and repair needs of our aging school buildings. Their work was part of our ongoing community-led strategic planning - Project Parkway. In the fall of 2021 and the spring of 2022, Parkway sought feedback from all residents through multiple online and telephone community surveys. Based on the feedback and the recommendations at the community meetings in the Spring of 2022, the Parkway Board of Education voted unanimously to place a $265 million no-tax-rate-increase bond issue on the November 8 ballot. 

    For more information about how the list of projects was developed, check out the community meeting presentations:
    March 8, 2022 meeting (initial proposal review and feedback)
    May 4, 2022 meeting (revised proposal review and feedback)