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    For the fall semester, the Parkway Food Pantry is going to distribute monthly food boxes. So whether children are attending class in person or online, students and employees are able to sign up and receive food.

    How We Have Evolved

    In response to increased community needs during the COVID-19 epidemic, Parkway Food Pantry has evolved from providing weekend food bags, to providing boxes of food for pick up every few weeks. The need in our community has increased significantly, and at times we have served up to 400 families.

    Our system allows you to simply roll down your window to give us your name,  pop your trunk, have your food placed inside, and drive away. We have expanded our pick up hours for the fall, and look forward to continuing to provide services to students and families.

    For the fall 2020 semester you can request to receive food here.

    Thank you!

    Since March, the food pantry has been able to provide thousands of meals to students and their families.  None of this would have been possible without the support of our community and partners.  We are incredibly grateful for every drive that has been done and every dollar that has been raised to ensure that we create a more equitable learning environment for all students.


    Parkway Food Pantry COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions 
    Volunteer screening
    Email: foodpantryrequest@parkwayschools.net.

    At this time we are only using Parkway staff and core volunteers to carry out food pantry operations.

    Contact info

    Email: foodpantryrequest@parkwayschools.net
    Phone: 314-415-7156

    Social Workers at Parkway

    South area: Jaleesa McCutcheon (415-7778) jmccutcheon@parkwayschools.net , Gloria Diggs (415-7217) gdiggs@parkwayschools.net
    North area: Alyssa Herrera (415-7623) aherrera@parkwayschools.net
    Central area: Jess Buettner (415-7920) jbuettner@parkwayschools.net , Stephanie Jones (415-5868)
    West area: Marla Gilliam (415-6917) mgilliam@parkwayschools.net, Angie Deckert (415-7524) adeckert@parkwayschools.net 
    Students in Transition: Diane Peterson (415-9074) dpeterson1@parkwayschools.net 

    ECC: Kim Cowherd (415-6978) kcowherd@parkwayschools.net