Keeping Children Safe

  • The Parkway Schools makes every effort to ensure that schools and facilities are safe and secure environments for students, staff, and visitors.  The district has a comprehensive critical incident response plan that identifies planning, response, and recovery measures necessary to fulfill this responsibility.  Parkway places great importance on school and district staff knowing their responsibilities during a school emergency.

    Parkway has established an emergency procedure in every school building. Each school principal has designated areas in the building that are best suited for the protection of students during emergencies. 

    District training includes an annual review of the district’s plan and annual training for principals and staff.  School fire inspections, safety and security audits, and safety drills for students and staff are routinely conducted.  Emergency communications systems are tested regularly and each school is equipped with emergency weather warning systems

  • Staying Informed

  • What district communication can parents expect during an emergency response?

  • What Parents Need to Know in an Emergency