Parkway Food Pantry

Parkway food pantry

Do you need food? Whether it's a one time thing or an ongoing need, Parkway Food Pantry is here to help.

It's simple: Reach out. Request. Receive.

Step 1: Reach out
There are three ways to let the pantry know you would like some food:

  • Contact your area Parkway social worker.
  • Email a request to
  • Call the food pantry at (314) 415-7156

Step 2: Request

If this is a one-time request, you will fill out a request form for food. Our social workers will coordinate with you to make sure you get food.

If this is a request for a weekly bag of food, you will fill out a separate request form for each child attending Parkway. For example, if you have a first grader, fifth grader, and ninth grader, you will fill out three forms. The request form is simple and takes less than five minutes to complete. There are no income requirements to participate.

Step 3: Receive
Weekly food bags are sent home every Friday. The bags are a size and weight that fit into an average-sized backpack.

How can I donate?
Donations of food items and personal care products are welcome. Please consider focusing your contribution by attendance area to help us avoid having too many of one item and not enough of another. To view list of needed items by area click here.

Printable Donation Form

Parkway Food Pantry Frequently Asked Questions 

Volunteer screening

Contact info
Phone: 314-415-7156

Social Workers
South area: Nancy Fezzi (415-7778), Gloria Diggs (415-7217)
North area: Alyssa Herrera (415-7623)
Central area: Jess Buettner (415-7920), Elsie Martinez-Flores (415-5868)
West area: Marla Gilliam (415-6917), Angie Deckert (415-7524)
District Counselor/Students in Transition: Diane Peterson (415-5068)