Nutrition Services Programs that operate under the National School Lunch and School Breakfast program must evaluate their lunch pricing structure annually to determine if the cost and income from lunch meals are equitably distributed among free, reduced-price, and paid meals—Paid Lunch Equity (PLE). Programs that determine that their lunch pricing structure is not equitably distributed must take action to remedy the inequity by increasing meal prices, providing additional funds from nonfederal sources, or a combination of both. 

    Using the PLE tool, Parkway School District was required to increase lunch meal prices this year. We increased prices by 15 cents (the median amount allowed) to reduce the increases that will be required over the next few years. Moving forward, families should expect a 5-10 cent increase in meal prices each year.


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    For more information on pricing, including a-la-carte pricing, check out our Nutrition Services webpage, HERE!


    Option 1: Cash or Check to School

    Payments sent to the school with your student may be dropped into a deposit box in the school or given to the cashier at the register. Please ensure the envelope has the student's name and PIN number.

    Option 2: MySchoolBucks

    • Make a deposit using a debit card or credit card
    • Be notified of low balances by email, sign up for automatic deposits and view transaction histories.
    • Make deposits to multiple schools for a single $2.75 service fee from the provider for each debit card or credit card session or if you deposit more frequently, use the One Pay Plan and pay $12.95/yr for Student Pay Plan or Family Plan $26.95/yr - see district website for more information. 

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    Learn more about deposits here.