•  Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

    Parkway School District recognizes the urgency needed to address energy reduction through optimized HVAC and lighting systems, energy efficient design, the use of renewable energy, and behavior. By reducing the District's energy use, we drastically reduce utility costs to focus our financial resources on the classroom while preserving natural resources.

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    What we do

    • LED Lighting: We are continually replacing existing florescent lighting with new LED lighting in our buildings. LED lighting lasts longer and uses 70% less energy than florescent lighting.

    • Solar Power: Each Parkway building has a 25 kWh solar array to provide clean energy to the building while reducing utility costs. In 2019, a 75 kWh solar array was added to Green Trails, Wren Hollow, West High, and South High.

    • Geothermal Energy: At South High, a geothermal energy system with 120 vertical wells was installed to provide natural heating and cooling to the building and reduce energy use.

    • HVAC: Building heating, cooling, and ventilation is monitored and controlled through an advanced building automation system. Systems are continually upgraded to improve energy efficiency and performance.

    • Energy Efficient Design: All new construction or major renovation projects will be designed to achieve an Energy Star rating of 75 or higher and will be aligned with the ASHRAE Advanced Energy Design Guidelines (50% reduction at a minimum) standards.

    • PC Power Management: We collaborate with Technology Services to utilize software to manage district computers, monitors, and laptops to reduce energy usage. 

    What you can do 

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