• Waste Reduction

    Parkway School District aims to minimize our contribution to landfills by diverting as much waste as possible to be reused, recycled, or composted while reducing our total waste production. Our current goal is to divert 70% of our waste from the landfill by the year 2025. The Sustainability Department, in coordination with our composting and recycling providers, the Parkway Nutrition Services Department, and the Parkway Custodial Department is continually working to reach that goal through optimizing waste management procedures.

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    What we do

    • Recycling: Single stream recycling is provided in all district buildings resulting in over 2 million pounds of recyclables diverted from the landfill each year.

    • Composting: We have implemented a composting program in each school that allows for 22,000 pounds of compostable trays and utensils, food waste, and soiled paper to be diverted from the landfill each month.

    • Beyond single stream recycling: Through a surplus system, items are reused as much as possible. Construction, demolition waste, and scrap metal is recycled. The Technology department repairs electronics until they are no longer recoverable then sends them to an e-waste recycler. The Sustainability department collects batteries and cellphones for recycling throughout the district.

    • Green Purchasing: Environmentally preferrable products such as recycled content paper products and energy efficient equipment are identified and used as often as possible. Building materials are considered through a life cycle analysis to include an environmentally preferrable end-of-life process.

    • Student Nutrition: The Sustainability Department is supporting Nutrition Services in reducing food waste, eliminating single-use packaging in the meal program, and implementing share tables. 

    What you can do 

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