• Aver

    Aver doc cam

    Software: See your building's Technology Specialist to install Aver software from disk if your laptop does not already have it.

    How do I set up my Aver document camera to toggle between laptop and camera view?

    Plug the VGA cord from the SMARTBoard into the VGA port on the right side at the back of the camera, nearest the arm. Connect a second VGA cord between the laptop and the camera's left VGA port. (The color of the VGA cords does not matter.)


    No lights on?  Check the power cord connection at the "brick" in the middle.  It often gets loose.

    Display issues?  Disconnecting the power plug from the camera itself and reconnecting will clear the camera's memory and solve most display problems.  Also, TV/RGB switch on the side of the camera should be on RGB. 


    Ipevo doc cam

    These smaller document cameras are connected by USB to your laptop and are used through a desktop software icon. They do not toggle between views.

    For the Ipevo Visualizer software download link, click here.


    Check the USB cable is firmly connected to the laptop or port replicator and at the camera.

    Restart the laptop.

    Reinstall Visualizer software.