Working Off Campus

  • Working from Home 

    Whether you are working on a district-issued laptop or your home computer, any Parkway data stored on these computers needs to be protected. You are responsible for taking the steps outlined here and in the Electronic Use Policy to protect Parkway data. If other members of your household use your home computer, create separate login accounts for each person and make sure the account used to store and access Parkway data has a strong password that only you know.


    Traveling with Your Laptop 

    If you will be traveling and taking your laptop with you, make sure to inventory the data stored on the laptop and remove any data not needed while you travel. The following measures should be followed when traveling to keep your laptop and data safe and secure.

    • Backup any data that is stored on your laptop.
    • Don't leave your laptop in the hotel or in your car.
    • When flying, be sure and store your laptop in a carry-on bag. Do not place it in check-in luggage.
    • When going through airport security, wait for the laptop to go into the screener before walking through the checkpoint to retrieve it.
    • Use the locking cable whenever possible.

    More safety tips for taking your laptop on the road can be found on the National Counterintelligence and Security Center's website.


    Beware of Unsecured Wireless and Community Computers 

    Treat free wireless connections in hotels, airports, coffee shops, and other public places with extreme caution. You don't know how safe they are or who is using it.

    If you are using a community computer, there is no way to guarantee the computer is maintained or steps have been taken to ensure the computer is secure. If you don't trust the computer, avoid using your Parkway credentials to access district resources and definitely don't access online business or banking services. If you do access any online sites with a password, make sure to clear the browser cookies, cache, and history before you quit. Exit the browser when you are finished. It is also a good idea to change your password after accessing a resource from an unsecured wireless location or community computer.