Incident IQ: How to Sign In and Open a Ticket

    1. To Sign into Incident IQ, go to the Incident IQ site,

    2. Click “Sign in”

    3. If prompted, select your Parkway Google Account. 
    4. Click +New Ticket > Select Issue Type > Follow the prompts to select the appropriate type of issue


    1. Enter information about the issue in the ticket in detail (Examples below). 

    1. Answer if the issue includes Personal Identifiable Information about a student

    2. Attach files if applicable

    3. Click “Submit Ticket.” Your ticket is now submitted to the Technology Department. Please note your ticket number. 

    Examples of information to include in a ticket:

    • Person reporting the issue?
    • Error message or symptom of the issue. 
    • Login Issues with which application? (WF, Google, Network, ESS)
    • Computer / Hardware issue
    • Contact Number
    • Screenshot is possible
    • Correct room or office number


    Ticket Updates

    When checking updates there are a couple of ways to do so.


    Method 1: Incident IQ Dashboard

    1. To open a new ticket, open Incident IQ ( 

    2. Click “Sign in”

    3. You will now see your Incident IQ dashboard. 

    1. Your recent tickets will be listed under “My Recent Tickets.” Click the ticket in which you are looking for an update. 

    1. You can now see the details in the ticket you have just opened.

    2. If there is more information to be added, you can add in the “Add a comment” field.

      1. You can type your update in the “Add a comment” field. 

      2. As you type in that field, you will be prompted to add a file. If you choose to add a file, you can click the “Browse” button, then you can add a file that is saved on your computer. Or you can use “drag and drop.” 

      3. Once you have your statement completed, click “Add Comment.”

      4. If the issue no longer needs attention, you can click on “Cancel Ticket.” Then the ticket will be closed.


    Method 2: Email

    • When you open a ticket, a copy of the ticket will be emailed to you. 

    • You can add updates to the ticket by replying to the email. The email update will be posted in the ticket immediately. 

    • Ticket updates from the Technology Department will also be sent via email. 


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