Google Drive

  • What is Google Drive.
    Google drive is the web interface for Google Drive Filestream. Anything you put in your Google Filestream drive can be access from here. You can also upload or download files while in access Google Drive.

    How do I access my Google Drive.

    There are a couple of Methods you can use to access Google Drive.

    Method 1
    1. Open Drive

    Method 2
    1. Open either Google or open Gmail
    2. In the upper right there is a grid of 3x3 dots 3x3dots , Click it to open the apps selection
    3. Select Drive Drive

    While in Google Drive you can acccess your files from the menus on the left. Just click on the menu for My Drive and in the center of the page all your files/folders will be listed. From here you can view,edit,download and much more to your files. To access the menu to change your files, simply right click RightClick the file and choose the appropriate menu option.

    From the menu on the left you can also access your shared folders and files by clicking on Shared drives. Just like in the My Drive section you can right click RightClick a file to open the menu of options.