• What is Clever?

    Clever is a web-based tool that allows us to provide a single data upload that supports different applications used across the district (ie Discovery Education, Typing Agent).  It also provides a portal for single point of access and Single Sign-on for teachers, students and staff. In order to sign into Clever, the student or teacher must be signed into their Parkway Google. Once signed into Clever, all the classroom applications the student or teacher have access to will be listed. The list of applications may differ based on the school and grade level. 

    How do I sign into Clever?

    1. After you are signed into your Chromebook, open the Google Chrome web browser. 
    2. At the top left in the Bookmarks Bar, click on the "Parkwayschools.net Bookmarks" folder. Then click on "Clever Connection."
    3. If prompted, click on your Parkway Google account ID. You will now be signed into Clever.

    Instant Login Applications:

    Access to these applications uses active Parkway Google credentials. 

    • Schoology
    • Discovery Education
    • Dreambox
    • Navience
    • McGraw Hill/Connect Ed
    • Savvas EasyBridge
    • Follett/Destiny
    • HMH/Amira

    If you are not able to access course information in these applications, please make sure your teacher has you listed in his/her class roster in Infinite Campus and the application.

    Parkway Applications:

    These applications are not Single Sign-On applications. These applications will need to se signed into manually with a username and password. 


    Can I access Clever from home on a personal device?

    Yes you can!

    1. First, make sure that you are signed into your Parkway Google Account. You will not be able to sign into Clever with other Google accounts.
    2. Next, go to https://clever.com/in/parkwaysd, then click "Sign In With Google."
    3. Click on your Parkway Schools Google account.
    4. You will now be signed into Clever.


    Trouble Signing into Clever:

    If you are having issues signing into Clever, please make sure that you are signed into your Parkway Google Account. You will not be able to sign into Clever with other Google accounts.

    • If you cannot sign into your Parkway Google Account...
      • Student: please see your building's Technology Specialist.
      • Teacher or Staff Member: please call the Technology Help Desk at 314-415-8181, option 1. 

Contact Us

  • 📞 Help Desk Phone: (314) 415-8181

    • Option 1: Computer, email, Internet & connectivity, or application support.
    • Option 2: Infinite Campus support.
    • Option 3: Telephone, voicemail, and walkie talkies.

    📧 helpdesk@parkwayschools.net