• How to access VMWare

    • When signed into your Chromebook, Click on the All Apps button on the bottom left of the screen. Look for and click on the VMWare app. VMWare will open. 
    • Sign into VMWare with your username being your Parkway Username (ex: smithj1111) and the password is your student number (ex: 3001111).


    Can't Sign Into VMWare

    • Please make sure you are using the correct Username and Student Number to sign in. This will always be the same.
    • If you do no have your username or student number, please call the Help Desk at 314-415-8181, option 1.


    Adobe Creative Cloud

    Adobe Creative Cloud is an application that allows you to access numerous Adobe software programs.

    1. When signing into Adobe Creative Cloud, make sure you sign into your Parkway Google Account first in the Chrome Web Browser. 
    2. Open Adobe Creative Cloud
    3. When prompted to sign in, click on the Sign-in With Google option. 
    4. Next, use the K-12 Enterprise account option Do no use the Personal Account option. 
    5. Once signed in, you can access the needed Adobe Creative Cloud program. 

Contact Us

  • 📞 Help Desk Phone: (314) 415-8181

    • Option 1: Computer, email, Internet & connectivity, or application support.
    • Option 2: Infinite Campus support.
    • Option 3: Telephone, voicemail, and walkie talkies.

    📧 helpdesk@parkwayschools.net