Projectors and SmartBoards


    My laptop screen is not projecting onto my SMARTBoard: 

    Change projection mode by pressing Windows key + P. Click on "Duplicate" mode.


    My SMARTBoard is no longer touch-sensitive: 

    Move any object (decorations, chair, etc.) that might be touching the board's writing surface. Reconnect SMARTBoard through SMART Settings/Connection Wizard.


    My pen does not write where I want it to: 

    Re-orient board by pressing Keyboard and Right mouse keys on pen tray simultaneously and press firmly on each target.


    One (or more) of my pens is not working: 

    Contact your Technology Specialist to test the pen tray.

    My pens are not writing on top of document camera image: 

    Enable SMART Ink through SMART Settings.


    The colors on my SMARTBoard look funny: 

    Tighten VGA cord at SMARTBoard connection box and at laptop/document camera; replace cord if necessary.


    My display does not fill the board: 

    Have TS check screen resolution, aspect, and graphics driver settings. Realign display to board with Quick Corner from remote control.


    My projector is running loudly: 

    Clean filter with canned air.


    There is a red light on my projector: 

    Unplug projector and contact TS for replacement bulb.


    There are blurry and/or pinkish areas on my display: 

    Projector is failing. Contact TS to order new projector.




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