Employee Self Service

  • What kind of issue are you having with Employee Self Service?

    I cannot log into Employee Self Service.

    1) If you are a new employee, have you received your first paycheck? If not, your account for Employee Self Service may not be active.

    2) If you have received at least 1 paycheck and you cannot log into Employee Self Service, please try the following.

    • Type your Network ID in as your Username: (ie. jsmith).
    • Type your Network Password in as your Password.
    • Click "Log in."
    • If you cannot log into Employee Self Service, please try using your Network ID and Password on other application like the Dashboard, WorkForce, or logging into a computer.
      • If you can sign into anyone of these applications, please try Employee Self Service again. 
        • If you still cannot sign into Employee Self Service, please try and change your Network password (Ctrl + Alt + Del, click on Change a Password). 
      • If you cannot sign into any of these applications with your Network ID and Password, please call the Technology Help Desk for a Password Reset. 


    I am having another issue.

    For questions on pay, please contact the Payroll Department. 

    For other technical issues, please contact the Technology Help Desk at helpdesk@parkwayschools.net or at 314-415-8181, option 1.