How to Recover Google Drive

  • If you notice in your Windows File Explorer Program that your Google Drive (G: or J: Drive) is missing, please perform the following:
    Windows Explorer


    1. Click Start > In your list of programs, look for Google Drive > Click Google Drive.
      Start > Drive File Stream

    2. At the bottom right of your computer screen, click the UP arrow to show the hidden icons. 

    3. Click on the google Drive icon. 

    4. If you are not presently signed into Google Drive, you will be prompted to sign in. Click the Sign In button, then enter your Parkway Google email address > Click Next. 
      Sign in Drive File Stream

    5. Enter your Parkway Google password > Click Next. 

    6. Next, you may see this Google Drive Set-Up Window, click the right arrow until you see the button to "Open Google Drive." Click on that button when it's available. 
      Open Drive File Stream

    7. Google Drive will now be open.
      Drive File Stream Window

    8. Is Google Drive no installed on your computer? Download it here! If it will not install, please see your building's Technology Specialist or contact the Help Desk. 

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