• Information and Resources for Seniors

    Below are Topics for Seniors and their families.

    Understanding Financial Aid Offers

    Colleges typically send their full Financial Aid offers (also called letters or packages) in mid-March.  It is important to be sure both students and parents understand the offers and are able to compare them "apples to apples" for all of their colleges.  While colleges are getting better, the way offers are communicated is not always in a standard form, so it can take time to dicipher and process the offers.  

    Click here to learn about Financial Aid Offers, how to interpret them and compare multiple offers.

    Information on Student LoansClick here. 

     Scholarship Websites

    Scholarships are mostly open to seniors, although there are a few for juniors.


    You applied to College.  Now What?

    A short guide to the steps from applying to a college to decisions and financial aid offers.

    Click here to see a tutorial guide.