• Post-High-School Planning During Junior Year.

    • Explore careers
      • Be sure to include learning what is needed for a career; level of education, type of requirements, accreditations, any location limitations, work hours, career outlook for the future, and more.
    • Find majors that align with possible careers of interest
    • Research post-secondary education possibilities that apply to your goals: university, 4 year college, 2 year college, technical college, trade school, apprenticeship programs, military training 
    • Participate in college visits, on-campus, virtual, South High admission visits
    • Go to College Fairs - in person, or virtual
    • Be involved and develop your interests with your activity choices.
      • Being involved is not limited to South High activities or athletics.  
    • Work on your Resume/Activity list for all of high school, including this year and next 
    • Take the ACT 
      • Juniors will take an ACT as part of the Parkway junior assessment in April during the school day. 
      • It is a student's choice if they want to take the ACT more than once by registering for a Saturday National ACT date.
    • Take the ASVAB if you are considering the military as an option.  South High usually hosts an ASVAB test in the spring.
    • If considering playing college athletics, set up a meeting with Ms Seuc, the college & career counselor.  
      • Create a free profile NCAA and/or NAIA account 
    • Do your best in your classes.  Challenge yourself academically.  Learn as much as you can.
    • Keep balance in your life.  Find healthy ways to manage your stress.  
    • Use your resources: teachers, your counselor, your college & career counselor, parents, administrators, coaches, friends, and more.
  • Resources, Guides & Tutorials

    Naviance is a tool for career and college research.  Click here for Naviance.

    The College Board is a quality resource for researching colleges, majors, careers, and more in the Big Future section of their webpage.  Set up or use your existing College Board account (CB is also for AP, PSAT, SAT).  Access Big Future. 

    Find information about College Visits, click here, and click here.

    Resume Writing/Activity List Guide.

    ACT, ASVAB, and other Testing; for information, click here for the general page, but be sure to look at the nested pages.

    For NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA, look here.