• See the calendar below for upcoming College Visits held for South High students in the Counseling Loft.

    Scroll down the column to the right for information on registering for a college visit. 


    PSH College Visits: (click to learn)  Where can I find information,  how do I register, where are they held, what do I do?


    College Visit Registration for South High Students:


    College admission rep visits are held in the Counseling Loft.  Visits are either in-person or virutal depending on what works for the college. College Visits are open to all South High students, but are most valuable for Juniors and Seniors.  All students are required to register in Naviance in order to attend the virtual college visit.

    To register for a College visit: students log into their Naviance account through Clever, look for the "Colleges" Tab at the top of the Naviance homepage -> Research Colleges -> College Visits - review upcoming visits - click to register for that college visit.  A pass will be made in E-hall pass for the student to attend after registering.

    To be alerted to upcoming specific college visits, add colleges you are researching to your "Colleges I'm Thinking About" list in Naviance Student.  If a college rep signs up to visit from a college you have put on that list, you will get an email notifying you of that upcoming visit.  Talking with reps will help you with your college search.