• AP 2022 Deadlines & Fee Information

    For Parkway South High

  • Important Dates

    August-September - Students enrolled in AP classes will "join" their teachers AP Classrooms.

    August-May - AP Teaches may chose to make assignments in their classes AP Classroom.  Students are responsible for signing into their myap.collegeboard.org account and checking for any assignments in their AP Classrooms. 

    September - Students will be billed for their AP exams for all the AP classes they are enrolled in for the year.

    September through November 2nd - Students who plan to take one or more AP exam will pay for their exam or exams.

    September through November 2nd - Students who do not wish to take one or more AP exams, will complete a Google form to cancel each AP exam and give a reason for not taking the exam.  The reason is required by the College Board to be able to cancel the exam.   

    November 2nd  - Payment for AP Exams is due.

  • Important Financial Information

    AP exam cost is $100 per AP exam.  

    Payments are paid to the South High Bookstore.  Parents will see the chareges in the Parent Infinite Campus account.  Payments can be made online or in the bookstore (students only in the bookstore).

    After the AP Coordinator orders the AP Exams for AP 2022 in early November, any exam that is cancelled has a $40 cancellation fee.  After the exam order, any exam added has a $40 late order fee.  These fees are charged by the College Board.