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    SOUTH SMARTS 2022-2023

    Strategies for managing your time and school work

    S - SCHEDULE - On Mondays, look at the week ahead.  Mark all events in your planner that you already know about (sports practice, work shift, club meeting, family obligations)*

    M - MAKE TIME to do your work for each class.  Plan to do Red day classes after school on Red days; do Blue day classes after school on Blue days.

    A - ACTUALLY DO IT!  Sit down, phone down, and do the work assigned for each class. Turn it in on time.

    R - REACH OUT to your teachers and resources*. Ask them questions or for clarification.  They like to help you!  Use SCHOOLOGY to see your teachers' calendars and to find your work after an absence.

    T - TAKE A BREAK - After completing your homework, do something good for you that brings you joy!

    S - STAY FOCUSED We have semester-long classes, so keep going!  classes must be completed by the end of the semester.  *Also - Keep up with your email by checking it each day.

    *Suggested Resources:

    • Google Calendar (app on phone or use Chromebook, or both as will sync)
    • Paper planner - see your counselor if you need one
    • Schoology Calendars
    • Infinite Campus app (for your phone)
    • "REMIND" app (if your teacher, coach, or sponsor uses it)
    • NOTES app on your phone
    • Create folders to organize your email