• Advanced Placement Information (AP)


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    For information on college credit for AP exams, click here for more information and useful resource.

    Resources for Students Enrolled in AP Classes: 

    Students must create a College Board account, or use their existing College Board account to "Join" their AP teacher's classrooms. Students do not already have a College Board account will create an account at myap.collegeboard.org to be able to "join" their AP classrooms. Students who already have a College Board account should sign into their account to "join" their AP Classrooms.  If a student does not remember their username or password, they should use the "forgot" options for their account.  They should NEVER create a second account.  These accounts need to be made by the student as the student will be using their myap.collegeboard.org accounts for their AP Classes and exams. AP teachers or Ms Seuc will give the students the "Join Code" for their AP class/teacher/block to enroll the student in the appropriate AP Classroom.    

    Student's AP Classroom & AP Daily can be found in the Student's myap.collegeboard.org account. Students will sign into their myap account to access the AP Classroom associated to their AP classes.

    College Board

    AP is a product of the College Board.  The College Board website provides information about the AP Program in general and specific courses.  Closer to the May exam dates, students can access practice questions for AP from previously released exams to help them prepare.

    Khan Academy

    Khan Academy in conjuction with the College Board has created FREE online assistance for a variety of AP courses