EOC (End of the Course Exams)

  • EOC exams are online assessments.  If a student receives credit from a Missouri public high school in   these areas: English, Algebra, Biology, and Government, the student must complete an assessment prior to graduation.  No registration is required for these tests. 

    Students who will have completed Biology 2 and Government during the fall semester will complete the EOC test during the December testing window.  Students enrolled in Government, English 2, Algebra, and Foundations of Biology will test during the spring testing window.  If you have questions regarding the EOC assessments, please contact Dr. Jenn Sebold by phone, 314-415-7703, or by email.

    EOC dates for the 2022-2023 school year

    • Fall:  December 12 - 21
    • Spring: May 15 - May 23
    • Summer: July 10 - July 13