• Parkway South High's A+ Coordinator is Ms Angie Hughes.   

    Learn more about the A+ Program by going to the  A+ Program Website

    After reviewing specific A+ information, if you still have questions, contact Ms Hughes by email or 314-415-7782.

    Parkway South High offers an A+ tutoring class for seniors to earn their needed A+ tutoring hours for the A+ scholarship program eligibility.  For information about the A+ tutoring class opportunity, talk to our comprehensive school counselor. 

    On November 2, 2022, South High Counseling hosted an A+ Scholarship Evening.  Click here to view the recording. NOTE: there was a technical difficulty with a PowerPoint in the middle of the recording.  It does work out to allow STLCC to present valuable information on how the A+ Program works on the college side of A+.

    For slides on A+ from the high school perspective, click here.