• Near the beginning of the first semester, most seniors will participate in their Senior Workshop.  The College & Career Counselor will teach, explain and provide information about future planning, college research, using Naviance, and South High's College Application Process and the important deadlines. During these workshops, students will learn how to request a transcript for a college, how to request a letter of recommendation, the different types of college admissions and their deadlines, the difference between the Common Application and a regular college application, and the various resources found in Naviance.

      After a student has completed their senior workshop, they may begin meeting with the College & Career Counselor by making an appointment through the Counseling Secretary or emailing the College & Career Counselor for the calendar appointment link.  These meetings are individualized to meet the students' needs, assist with their particular planning and applications, and answer questions.  Students are welcome to make multiple appointments throughout their senior year. Transcripts and other supporting documents require an individual meeting. 


      • Checklist for applying to a Community College or Technical College. Click here.
      • Checklist for an Institutional Application (the college's own application from their admissions page). Click here.
      • Checklist for students using the Common App. Click here.
      • For information on Letters of Recommendation, Click here.