• Parkway South High's Dual Credit Program

    For more information on each of our three Dual Credit partnerships with registration dates and costs, go to the nested pages under College Credit, or click on the following links:   Missouri State,  Saint Louis University and University of Missouri - St Louis.

    Here is a full list of Parkway South's Dual Credit Classes.

    Resources from the Parkway South High College Credit Evening

    Presentation Slides from the scheduled January 16th, 2024 Parkway South High College Credit Evening: Click here.

    Video Recording of the information from the scheduled January 16, 2024, Parkway South High College Credit Night Program: Click here.

    Resource to check for the transferability of dual credit classes to the university of your choice.  Use the college course name and number (see class lists under each college on the pages nested under this page), and the college you wish the credit to transfer to on the Transferology.com website.

    For more information, click the individual college pages nested under this topic.


  • Dual Enrollment

    Seniors are given the opportunity to expand their high school schedule by attending college during the school day.  To qualify for the dual enrollment program seniors must fulfill the following requirements:
    • Have a grade point average of 2.5 or higher
    • Have a high school transcript sent to the Admissions Office
    • Have permission of the high school
    • Take required entry assessment tests

    Local colleges and junior colleges cooperate with South High in providing education opportunities for seniors who desire to investigate career options and earn college credit while continuing to attend high school on a partial schedule.  In their junior year, students should investigate with their counselor ways to merge their schedule with enrollment in college classes.

    College Credit

     College credit programs offer high caliber high school students the opportunity to earn college credits and become familiar with the college experience while still in a high school setting. College credits earned through college credit programs are widely accepted at Missouri public colleges and universities and many other institutions across the country.  This is a way for high school students to earn college credit at the same time they are earning high school credit.

     The high school and college credit are separate from one another, meaning:

    • if a student drops his or her college credit, he or she may still be enrolled in the high school class
    • the grading systems may be different 
    • the records for the course work are separate
    • the college credit is recorded on a university transcript and the high school credit is on the high school transcript 

    The work that the student completes throughout the course contributes to the student's final college grade in the class, which shows on their college transcript. This is why in order for students to transfer their dual credit, they must request a transcript be sent from college they are completing dual credit through to the college they are ultimately attending after high school.

     Top Reasons to enroll in College Credit
    1.  Save some money on college
    2.  Challenge yourself with college-level courses
    3.  Learn from master’s-level teachers
    4.  Start your college transcript
    5.  Earn easily transferable college credit hours
    6.  Get a head start of your college career

     Frequently Asked Questions About College Credit (Click here)

    For research into if and how credit is awarded by universities, here is a good tool, transferology.com, to use (Click here).  It is suggested you double check the college's website to verify the information.

     Parkway South currently has college credit options with the following schools (click on the school for more information):

    University of Missouri - St. Louis

    St Louis University

    Missouri State University

    Rochester University of Technology - College Credit for PLTW Engineering Courses

     College Credit and AP Comparison

     We are commonly asked if dual credit courses are the same as Advanced Placement (AP) courses.  The AP Program is a separate college-level program developed by the College Board organization.  This program requires students to take and score above a certain number on examinations to earn credit.  The College Board develops their own curriculum through a panel.  The table below compares the two programs.

    See the South High Counseling website page for Advanced Placement (AP) for more information on the AP program and exams.


Advanced Placement Courses offered at South High

  • Advanced Placement (AP) is a program of college-level courses or examinations for secondary school students. In AP courses students learn about a subject in greater detail and develop analytical and study skills that contribute to success at the college level.  Taking the three hour AP examination in May can help students in the following ways:

    • Exemption from beginning courses
    • Entrance to higher level courses
    • College credit awarded
    • Time and money saved by receiving sophomore standing for AP credit earned


    For more information concerning Advanced Placement, contact your counseling department.  Courses following the Advanced Placement curriculum are noted in the course descriptions.  In addition, students are urged to verify on the college they plan to attend's webpage concerning its policy on acceptance of AP credit.  

    One tool is to use the AP Credit Policy tool, (click here) which includes a link to the college's credit transfer policy page.