• College Visits are an important tool in post-secondary planning.  Students should have an in-person visit to a college before deciding to attend that particular college, university, trade or technical school. The goal is to find the right match and fit for the student. A college visit is important to the process.

    There are different types of College Visits:

    • On Campus
    • Virtual Online
    • Admission Representative Visits at South High for students only, in-person or virtual
    • College Fairs (while not an actual visit, is a great early step to get information and ask questions)

    Even if a student has a friend or sibling that attends a specific college, the student should have a college visit, as it is the student's future and they need to go through the process of evaluating the college for them and their goals.

    First time visits often consist of an informational session, a campus tour, and an opportunity to ask questions.

    As the student is narrowing down their choices during senior year, it is a good idea to take a more in-depth visit that includes appointments within the department of study they will pursue, activities office, student success center/access office/student disability office, if the student has a Section 504 or IEP plan, and financial aid. Students can ask to sit in on a class during the visit.  It might be a good idea to take another tour as the student and family will have a different perspective closer to decision time. 

    Using a comparison tool can be helpful for the student, and also the parents/guardians during the college search to keep track of information, both quantitative and qualitative.  

    See the right side of this page for tools and tutorials to aid in getting the most out of a college visit.

  • Tools and short Tutorials about College Visits.

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    College Comparison Sheet to use to take notes, keep track of different colleges, remember the visit and more.  Click here.