Scholarships and Financial Aid Information

  • Scholarships are open to all high school students. However, most scholarships are available to seniors in high school.  While scholarship applications are available all year round, the "scholarship season", when there are more scholarship applications available and/or due, is November through April. While private scholarships are worth pursuing, more scholarships are given through colleges and universities. 

    Financial Aid is a term meant to include scholarships, grants, work study and loans. It is money to help pay for education beyond high school. For more information on Financial Aid & Scholarships, use the rest of this webpage and the resources provided.

    Here is the video from the Tuesday, September 20th Financial Aid Virtual Program hosted by South High.  Financial Aid 101

    Scholarship Search Organizations

    There are other organizations and websites that work as cleaninghouses for scholarships.  You can click on those listed to go directly to their websites. Important note - you should NEVER pay a fee for a scholarship search or application.

    *It is recommended that students sign up and create a free profile on scholarship sites to help narrow down the scholarships that apply to them


    All South High students have a Naviance account.  Students can sign into their Naviance account using their Parkway Clever account.  In Naviance there is a Scholarships & Money section under the Colleges tab.  Scholarships sent to South High are entered into Naviance.  There are annual scholarships that are listed and will be updated as the new deadline is announced.  

     Financial Aid Resources