Google Drive File Stream

  • What is Drive File Stream?

    Drive File Stream is a desktop application that allows users to quickly access Google Drive files from their computer. Drive File Stream acts very similar to a network drive on a computer, and given the J: Drive notation. From the J: Drive you can open Google Docs in Chrome, or open an Excel Document in Microsoft Excel. Files saved to your J: Drive using Drive File Stream will be very similar to saving on the K: Drive with the benefit of having unlimited Google Storage. 


    Can I...

    Use files in My Drive? Yes
    Use files in Shared Drives? Yes
    Sync only selected folders in My Drive? Yes
    Sync only individual files in My Drivve? Yes
    Use native apps, like Microsoft Office & Photoshop? Yes
    Sync other folders like Documents or Desktop? No
    Use with your personal Google Account? No
    Use with your work or school account? Yes


    How do I sign into my Drive File Stream?

    My J: Drive is missing!